Big Data: Solutions to Reshape Healthcare

Healthcare organisations are buried in mountains of data and have urgent needs to quickly access, analyse and report on their critical financial, clinical and operational data.
What’s more, the requirement to report on increasing numbers of quality metrics and clinical data exchanges is becoming ever more resource intensive.
Without the right data solution in place, organisations will be unable to meet these needs and surpass these challenges, which can negatively impact clinical outcomes and quality of care.

Infogami offers a range of customized solutions to help healthcare organisations to:

Key Solutions

Health and Social Care (HSC) data warehouse

HSC data warehouse provides a single source of meaningful information/data from various sources. Data from the Primary Care, Acute, Social care, Mental Health, Community and Prescribing are combined to provide powerful clinical information. The data has been processed to provide trends by practice or the CCG as a whole.

GP Portal

The GP portal provides a mechanism to deliver rich online drillable data reports to GP Practices. The GP Portal is a secure, web-based solution which allows clinicians to access information about patient activity, comparative data, and other confidential information. Practices are able to view the trends over time for various admission types and to drill through to a list of patients. This helps to monitor and manage patients.

Risk Stratification

Using the ACG Predictive Model, Infogami has developed a method of predicting how likely a patient is of being admitted as an emergency within the next 12 months. This report is available to Practices via the GP Portal.

GP-CCG Intranet

Using SharePoint technology the GP-CCG Intranet site is primarily aimed at CCG staff and GP Practices as a communication and collaboration tool.

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